New growth for techco’s launching in 2013

    Posted on November 28, 2012


    The world’s second largest provider of cloud hosting services has announced that it is to launch a programme to support fledgling tech companies in the UK.

    Rackspace, which has launched similar programmes in the US and Australia, is to offer firms up to £12,000 of mentoring and hosting services for start-ups. Announcing the company’s move into the EMEA marketplace, Taylor Rhodes, International MD, said:

    “Since launching in the US two years ago, we’ve helped over 850 startups through the programme. We’ve also worked with over 100 programme partners, including some of the top accelerators, universities, co-working spaces and VCs.”

    He went on to say that the firm is “thrilled” with its plans for the UK.

    The timing of the launch, scheduled for early 2013, comes on the back of continued efforts by the UK government to boost tech start-ups in the country.

    Much of the focus for the drive has been based around “Tech City” in London, but, all throughout the country, the emphasis on development of the sector is ramping up.

    This includes SEO companies from Liverpool, down to social networking companies in the capital.

    There are those that feel the sector risks being stifled by a slow funding policy by many investment firms. However, recent months have seen many top firms pledge to support viable operations. The scheme by Rackspace could well invigorate the market further.

    With a number of commentators in the industry liking the present UK situation to the early-day Silicon Valley, it is hoped the next decade could be a flourishing landscape.

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