New Google tool helps users wipe personal information from search results

New Google tool helps users wipe personal information from search results

Have you ever wanted to get your personal information removed from Google Search Results, but felt powerless to doing this? That might be about to change.

Google’s I/O 2022 annual developer conference was held last week, revealing a number of updates from Google, including a new tool that will enable you to control your online presence more easily.

This new tool seems to have been released because privacy has become even more important in the online world over the past few years, due to the introduction of legislation like the GDPR. Google has not only had to introduce more security measures, but also be more transparent about the information on users it is collecting and storing.

Google has recently revealed updated policies to enable people to request the removal of their personally identifiable information (PII) – including contact information like email and home addresses – from search results.

Building upon this, the brand new tool will become available in the coming months on the Google App. The new tool will allow you to easily click on what type of information is in the result – for example, your phone number, home address or email address – and then you will be able to request the data removal via an easy-to-use interface.

The new tool will also allow you to easily track and monitor the status of your removal request, so that you can easily see if a request has been approved or not. If the request is not approved, Google recommends that you get in touch with the hosting company of the website and ask them to remove this information.

If you run or host a website, remember that any personal information on it should be GDPR-compliant, and that failing to do this could result in a fine and, with the help of this new tool, parts of your site being removed from search results. We can help you with this at Engage Web, while creating an effective digital marketing strategy for your business and improving its visibility. To find out more about our services, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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