New Google plugin helps make your content “snackable”

New Google plugin helps make your content “snackable”

Search giant Google has officially released its WordPress plugin for Web Stories, following a series of beta tests.

Google Web Stories is a new type of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). In essence, it is a form of content intended to be consumed in bite-sized chunks, which Google has named “snackable content”. Each page of a story can contain no more than 10 words or 200 characters, and it’s recommended that the length of a Web Story be between 4 to 30 pages.

Web Stories provides the opportunity for content to be seen at the top of a variety of locations – Search, Discover, Images and the Google App. Content publishers can use this tool to generate revenue, using Google Ad Manager and affiliate links. As the stories are designed to be viewed in quick, short bursts, Google has suggested that the typical consumer of Web Stories would be someone on their lunch break or riding on public transport.

Google has said that the new WordPress plugin:

“Make[s] the production of stories as easy as possible from a technical perspective.”

A drag and drop interface, alongside “preset but flexible” templates, allows for simple Web Story design through WordPress. There is the option to insert follow-on content, and Google has also partnered with Unsplash and Coverr to provide free, high-quality stock images and videos.

The Web Story plugin is available for those operating WordPress Version 5.3.1 or above, with the PHP version required being a minimum of 5.6. It is available for download from the WordPress plugin repository or through the Plugin admin page on the WordPress dashboard.

This new feature adds yet another form of content creation to businesses’ arsenal. If you need help in creating quality, dynamic content, we can help here at Engage Web. Get in touch today to learn more.

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