New Google feature to help businesses with calls

New Google feature to help businesses with calls

Back in October of last year, search giant Google began displaying a call history log in its Google My Business platform. Now, this log has been expanded to show data.

When the log was released, no data was displayed, and in the best case scenario, it simply showed a summary of missed and answered calls that were undertaken from either Google Search or Maps. Now, however, Google has added caller data to the log, including a name, phone number and the date the call took place.

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of the new log on Tuesday:

As the screenshot shows, businesses not only have access to this additional data, but they can also call the person back, copy their number or click to view the call history of the person. Businesses can also see the number of missed and answered calls during a time period of their choosing.

How does the feature work?

Businesses can access this log through the “Calls” tab of their Google My Business account. Once they’ve switched the call history option on, customers will connect to businesses via a forwarding number, which, when answered, will tell the business it’s receiving a “Call from Google”.

What’s the point?

For small businesses who may not have staff members dedicated to answering phones – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where many have been operating with reduced numbers and have had staff working from home – having access to a call log like this can help them keep track of the calls they’re receiving through Google. They’ll be able to follow up any missed calls and ultimately provide better customer service by reducing the number of leads that slip through the cracks unanswered. The option to view a person’s call history in particular may be useful in identifying keen or desperate customers, who can then be prioritised accordingly.

Currently, this new feature is available only for a group of US businesses. However, as is standard with Google updates like these, if they prove successful, it’s never long before they’re expanded across the US and then over here in the UK.

If and when this feature does find its way over to our shores, businesses will need to ensure they have a Google My Business listing in order to access it. If you need help setting up a listing for your business, we can help here at Engage Web – why not get in touch?

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