New feature for Instagram’s speed-altering tool

Posted on September 29, 2014


Photo-sharing service Instagram’s new standalone tool, Hyperlapse, has proven to be incredibly popular with regular users, but now it has added a feature that will have people going snap happy.

The Hyperlapse facility currently allows users to take cinematic time-lapse videos. However, the tool has now released an update that lets people capture such footage with their front-facing cameras, with images taken in this way inevitably becoming known as ‘selfie time lapses’ or “selfielapses’.

Hyperlapse is currently only available on devices that support iOS, with no sign of it becoming open to Android-powered devices any time soon.

The company is expecting an influx of creative and cinematic videos to be uploaded, whereby the camera is fixated on the user’s face as the rest of the world whizzes by in a flash. The developers who created the tool are also expecting a wave of self-transformation videos showing the changes to someone’s appearance over a period of time, sped up to create an artistic video.

Users can share these clips to Instagram and its owner site, social network Facebook, as well as saving them to their own personal photo album on their phones and tablets.

This news comes following Instagram’s decision to start including ads in the news feeds of its UK users, who will begin to notice sponsored posts appearing amongst their regular fix of landscape photos, product snaps and pictures of food from companies such as Rimmel London and Starbucks, in addition to the cat snapshots and memes prevalent on every social network.

Alan Littler
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