New Facebook-style news feed trialled on Twitter

Posted on January 7, 2015


Social networking giant Twitter is aiming to make sure that users do not miss ‘interesting’ moments while they are away from the platform.

The feature, which is gradually being rolled out to the social site’s users, is designed to pull together tweets that have been posted to news feeds since the last time a member logged on.

In a style similar to Facebook, the updated algorithm appears to gather together posts that it believes the user will be interested in. This is based on a number of factors, including who the user follows and how much interaction the tweets have received. The feature, termed “While you were away”, was first announced by the social firm in November, 2014.

Although some users may have first started to notice the changes to the service in early December of last year, it is reportedly only recently that the process has been rolled out in earnest. According to Twitter, the alterations to its service are in line with creating a more fulfilling user experience, providing a “snapshot” of what is going on in an individual’s social sphere.

The new feature was announced by Twitter alongside a draft of other changes, following on from a conference with its shareholders. This may include a way for professionals to work with others through an instant timeline, which could help with collaboration on ideas.

It has been noted that the new features may be aimed at tackling the dominance of Facebook, especially as the non-stop nature of Twitter’s news feed could be alienating some.

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