New content and social bookmarking

New content and social bookmarking

We write some really great content for our clients here at Stuck On.  Thats a fact.

However, when we write it, including some great videos and cartoons to add to the mix, its also necessary to get it out to the wider world.

One way to do this is by using social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Technorati to ensure a good spread around the world wide webernet.  We use our own accounts to add things that we have written (only the very best by the way) so that others will also see this who have similar interests.

However, it is the responsibility of our clients also to socially bookmark content.  A wider approach to getting something spread around the net is a good strategy and initially its a “all hands on pumps” mentally that usually succeeds.

However, we would also advocate the use of microblogging sites such as twitter and tumblr to further spread the content around.  Gone are the days when only article sites were used to spread the word.  This is so “two years ago”.

So, write some great content, but extend its life by getting people in the right areas to want to spread the word.

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