New app lets conversation yo-yo back and forth

New app lets conversation yo-yo back and forth

The latest chat app to appear on the market is perhaps the simplest one yet.

This new service has been named Yo and takes the idea of simple to the extreme. The app offers zero characters for text and is essentially direct messaging without the message aspect. Yo basically allows users to click on the username of the friend that they wish to interact with, which then sends that friend a notification saying “Yo”.

Although this is the only function you can do with this platform, users can swipe right to see the amount of time elapsed since the greeting was sent or received, with a swipe left allowing the yo to be deleted. There is also the ability to block a friend, just in case you don’t like the tone of their yo.

Social networking apps that are easy to use tend to become a lot more popular than the more complex ones, so ensuring simplicity is an important part of internet marketing strategies for companies in this industry. This is one of the reasons why services such as Snapchat and WhatsApp have done well.

However, they don’t come much simpler than Yo, with its basic nature alluring to many users who are finding the service compelling.

Or Arbel, the co-founder of the company, has described the app, stating that:

“It’s not just an app that says yo. It’s a whole new means of communication.”

Within the first week of the chat service being available to the public, it has generated over 50,000 users who have sent over 4 million messages so far.

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