Net TV on the rise not the end of television

Net TV on the rise not the end of television

Developed countries are seeing an increase in internet-based viewing, according to an online content security professional. Christopher Schouten, director of marketing at online content security firm Irdeto, commented that while there are some traditionalists that will cling on to the viewing option of the older TV format, there has been an increasing number of viewers who want to watch what they want, when they want. This means access via the net.

Experts in the field, however, have remained positive about TV’s future.

Pay TV research specialist Paul O’Donovan stated that he expected that television viewing patterns would change significantly in the near future, but still leave room for old-fashioned TV watching. Instead of needing to access hundreds of paid channels, he suggested, viewers would hold on to a handful of favourites and do their surfing via the net.

The shift to the internet is an indomitable trend, with an over 50% increase in internet video viewing from mobile devices over the last year. With larger, easier-to-view tablets flooding the market, watching video over the internet is now easier than accessing a television set.

This shift highlights just how central the internet is becoming to everyday life. This has particular significance for businesses, especially those who have yet to establish a web presence. In a culture where friendships are made and broken over the net, and search engines have all but replaced traditional information access, businesses will need to perfect their internet marketing and search engine optimisation methods in order to survive.

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