ENTJ – Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging

Based on the work of Myers-Briggs (Isabel Briggs Myers and Katherine Briggs) and on the personality classifications formulated by Carl Jung, personality style profiles (PSP) help us understand how our personality type affects the way we approach situations and how we may respond or behave and interact with others.

There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ profiles, it is completely non-judgmental, but understanding how personalities are simply ‘different’ to our own, rather than inconsiderate or wrong, can help us to work together.

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The Corporate Executive

The ENTJ primarily focuses their mind outwards and has a rational, logical way of dealing with things. Their secondary mode is internally focussed, dominated by an intuitive approach.

The ENTJ is a natural leader. Constantly looking for problems that they can find solutions to and totally focussed on their careers, they are a natural for the corporate field. Generally able to take the long-range view of things, they are able to identify correctly what must be done to solve difficult situations, especially in the corporate arena.

Strengths and weaknesses

ENTJs are driven to take charge of things and lead others by control, with a quick grasp of complex problems. They are constantly scanning their work environment for challenges, which they see as their duty to solve.

Commanding and decisive, ENTJs are naturally able to absorb large volumes of impartial data and make fast, definitive judgements about it. However, ENTJs who have underdeveloped Intuitive skills may make their decisions too rashly, without thinking all the possible solutions through. Similarly, the ENTJ with under-nurtured Thinking skills may make poor decisions because they lack the power of logic. They may be very ‘clued in’ and come up with some excellent ideas, but will have problems acting on their instincts or will act on them inconsistently.

ENTJs find it difficult to tap into other people’s feelings and emotions, which they tend to suppress in themselves. Their judgement of people and situations is often subjective, based on ill-founded values of their own. As ENTJs are so career-driven, they can seem literally ‘married to the job’, finding it difficult to balance their home life against work.

A natural head for business

Hard workers who are driven towards leadership, ENTJs have the self-confidence and skills to succeed in business. With the vision to see where a company is headed, they will naturally rise up the corporate ladder.

ENTJs are noted for their power and presence – definite bonuses in the business world. They think on their feet and their highly developed communication skills mean they have no trouble in verbalising their opinions to a wider audience. Effusive and outgoing, they enjoy interacting with other people and engaging in lively, stimulating conversation. While ENTJs respect people who can stand up to them and argue their own point across, their dominant personality means few other types are able to do so. In a debate, their self-confidence and verbalisation will generally win the argument.

The need for efficiency

The ENTJ is rarely swayed by other people’s emotions and does not see why they should tailor judgement based on the other person’s feelings. They have no room in their life for inefficiency and errors, and can get quite angry about mistakes that are repeated.

Unfortunately, the ENTJ’s need for control can make them caustic and dictatorial, snapping out orders and expecting them to be obeyed without explaining why. The ENTJ can also find it difficult to see things from the other person’s perspective, while getting impatient with those who can’t see their point-of-view. These traits can be a real problem in the workplace, leading to alienation and resentment.

A force to be reckoned with

ENTJs can have an overbearing and intimidating attitude. They sometimes need to work on their people skills and recognise the value of collaborating with others, and of being sensitive to other people’s viewpoints and feelings.

However, the well-balanced ENTJ is a powerful, intuitive individual, with the ability to put their ideas into action and think far ahead. Self-confident and assertive, they have the skills to reach the pinnacle of their career.


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