Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

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    Personality Style Profile

    Based on the work of Myers-Briggs (Isabel Briggs Myers and Katherine Briggs) and on the personality classifications formulated by Carl Jung, personality style profiles (PSP) help us understand how our personality type affects the way we approach situations and how we may respond or behave and interact with others.

    There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ profiles, it is completely non-judgmental, but understanding how personalities are simply ‘different’ to our own, rather than inconsiderate or wrong, can help us to work together.

    What are the practical benefits?

    In a practical sense, PSP helps individuals:

    • build effective interpersonal skills, helping communication both formally and informally, with fellow colleagues, clients and outside work too
    • explain themselves clearly to others
    • understand why others behave as they do
    • predict how others will behave
    • delegate and motivate effectively

    Why display our personality types on our emails?

    At Engage Web, each member of our team not only takes the personality style test, but to help us continue to understand each other and work well together, we’ve taken the unusual step of incorporating their personality profile into our email signatures to help us work more effectively as a team and with our clients.

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