Mrs Robinson are you trying to seduce me?

Mrs Robinson are you trying to seduce me?

Following the success of the Facebook campaign that toppled Simon Cowell and earned the Christmas number one for Rage Against the Machine, the latest Facebook campaign to launch an assault on the charts sees a real sense of humour being employed.

The Northern Ireland Assembly member Iris Robinson has recently been exposed as having had an affair with a then 19 year old Kirk McCambley, when she was in her 60s. The similarity therefore between her affair and the plot of the film ‘The Graduate’ is one that Internet pranksters just couldn’t resist, and a Facebook Group has been created to promote the Simon and Garfunkel track, ‘Mrs Robinson’, in the UK charts.

The Facebook Group asks people to download the single, so that come this Sunday it will be #1 in the UK charts. This tactic has already worked once in the last few weeks, and fans of irony are hoping that it will work again.

The single was originally a #1 in the US when it was released to coincide with the film The Graduate, where Dustin Hoffman played the young student who was seduced by an older woman, Anne Bancroft.

The Facebook Group, which now has over 17,000 members, declares:

Lets get the iconic song Mrs Robinson – made famous by the 1960’s hit The Graduate – to number 1 in next Sunday’s chart in honour of Northern Ireland’s disgraced first lady.

If the Facebook Group is successful, there probably will have never been a more fitting and poetic UK number one in chart history.

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