Moto X ad shows off additional features

Moto X ad shows off additional features

A leaked advert reveals new details of the upcoming Moto X smartphone from the now Google-owned mobile phone manufacturer Motorola.

In the video, a representative of Canadian media company Rogers is seen saying to the device: ‘Okay, Moto X’.

According to the ad, the device is ‘always on’ – when you speak to it, the Moto X reportedly learns its owner’s voice. Using the Google Now software, it is claimed the device relays information to the user even when the screen isn’t touched.

Google Now is a rival to the Siri software from Apple, with which users are able to access a number of the features on their iPhone simply by pressing an activation button and asking Siri – an artificial intelligence – any questions.

However, according to the leaked ad, users of Google Now won’t even have to touch their device to active its personal assistant features. Examples of available actions include gaining directions or setting an alarm.

Another notable feature of the Moto X is the way in which its camera can be accessed. Now, users don’t have to browse through the phone’s software to find the camera feature; with the Moto X, they just have to move their hand through a double twist motion to bring up the camera.

Google’s device hit the news recently as reports emerged that the web giant may have given Motorola an allowance of up to £330m to market the Moto X. How much of that will be spent on offline platforms and how much on internet marketing – through avenues such as social media campaigns and video virals – it yet to be seen.



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