Modern communication methods affect standard of schoolwork

Modern communication methods affect standard of schoolwork

Teachers and pupils are realising that the use of abbreviations and poor grammar while sending text messages, is starting to affect the quality of school work.

One English teacher from Chicago believes that pupils have to recognise that social writing is far different to academic writing in order to succeed in the real world. There is far greater pressure on teachers to correct the situation, so that students will be able to produce good quality work while at school, and know how to write correctly after education.

Another teacher recognises that the problem isn’t the use of text lingo, but the abbreviations and poor use of punctuation. One of the most common mistakes seen in writing is the use of one letter, rather than writing the whole word such as ‘r’ rather than ‘are’. Students are taught how to use ‘code switching’ which is the ability to use different forms of communication at the right times. Originally, the term ‘code switching’ was used when swapping from one language to another, or from one dialect to another. Many pupils need to recognise that they must make a conscious effort not to use texting language when writing formally.

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