Mobile operators could be poised to block Google ads

Posted on May 18, 2015


Recent reports have indicated that several major mobile networks in Europe could be about to enact software that can stop online adverts from being broadcast to users.

Instead, individuals may have to opt in if they wanted to view ad-based internet marketing, which could see many businesses missing out on millions in revenue, particularly Google.

It has been indicated that the search engine company is the primary target of the Shine software, which was created by an Israeli firm. The mobile operators are apparently viewing the move as a way to fight back against Google’s overarching influence.

If Shine is enabled, many businesses could find themselves left cut off from customers, if their sites are not properly optimised for search engines. This could see an increase in the number of firms turning to search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting services in order to make sure that they can be found easily in organic search results.

Roi Carthy, Shine’s chief marketing officer, told the BBC that its software was all about offering choices to the consumer, rather than having them bombarded by “abusive” advertising.

When it comes to the European operators that are reportedly threatening the move, it is believed it will help them become the ‘gatekeepers’ for mobile advertising, instead of the likes of Google and Apple. This would give them more control over their users’ experiences, which in turn could see more traffic on their networks.

However, Rory Cellan-Jones, the BBC’s technology correspondent, warned that such a move could be illegal in the US. This is because it could go against the principles of net neutrality, which have also been encroaching on European internet discourse.

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