Mobile counts for 50% of John Lewis’ web traffic

Posted on November 5, 2014


A major retailer has revealed that more customers than ever before are browsing its products online through a handheld device.

According to the second John Lewis Retail Report, which is published annually, around half of all traffic to the retail brand’s website is from smartphones and tablets, while purchases made during non-traditional shopping times are also on the rise.

In fact, during the hours between midnight and 6am, web transactions were up by 31%, when compared to the figures from last year’s report.

With traffic duea combination of direct searches and internet marketing techniques, such as search engine optimization (SEO), it is claimed that mobile commerce is becoming increasingly important to John Lewis. According to the figures, around 30% of all purchases are now made virtually.

The retailer’s managing director, Andy Street, commented:

“This year’s report is even more insightful than last year’s, with richer data, including new sections, such as how the nation shops for its children. We hope that in years to come people will turn to our report for a nostalgic glimpse of the trends that shaped the nation’s shopping habits.”

As John Lewis had broken down its results to spot specific trends, it was able to identify a few curious habits. For example, there was a peak in the search for nursery items at around 4am, while male formal wear browsing rose at 2am. Handbags and women’s shoes, on the other hand, saw a search boost amongst early risers at about 6am.

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