Microsoft launches Bing, Google trembles with fear

Microsoft launches Bing, Google trembles with fear

This is just what the search market needed, another search engine built by Microsoft. Fear not Google, for this one’s named after a character from Friends, so is unlikely to find anything other than sexual innuendo and buddy gags.

Microsoft’s new search engine, ‘Bing’, launched yesterday, 2 days early, amid a wave of people not really noticing. Despite the tepid response, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer was enthused:

Today, search engines do a decent job of helping people navigate the Web and find information, but they don’t do a very good job of enabling people to use the information they find. When we set out to build Bing, we grounded ourselves in a deep understanding of how people really want to use the Web.

Not to fear though, because we took Bing for a spin and found some results were very useful. This search for ‘Google’ for example produced some great sites that would give you the results you’re looking for.

Other searches weren’t quite so useful however as Bing suffers from the same ‘random’ factor that ails Live.com. Naturally Bing has been hailed as a ‘Google Killer’, mostly by Microsoft, in much the same manner as Cuil was last year. What? You don’t remember Cuil?

Never mind, most people don’t.

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