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    Internet marketing – the individual approach

    There’s no doubt about it, an internet marketing plan needs to be individually tailored to the business it serves. Although some elements of various internet marketing plans – for example, the approach to social media – are shared between businesses, on the whole it’s best to start from the beginning to ensure a plan suits the business needs.

    Knowing this and creating a campaign for a Merseyside business are two different things. Before an internet marketing campaign can be formed, it’s best to set out what the business needs and what resources are available.

    Individual resources

    Merseyside businesses have resources that companies in other areas don’t have. With Lancashire and Greater Manchester as its neighbours, the county of Merseyside has links to some of the best areas of Britain. The Irish Sea on its western border and the combination of the Mersey Estuary, the river activities around the Wirral peninsula ensure that Merseyside sees a mix of business that many other counties do not.

    Beyond the very specific local assets that Merseyside businesses can maximise on, every Merseyside business should have a website. This site is the starting point for internet marketing, so good web design is essential. Other assets most businesses have access to are the content on the site and their own business presence on the web. In most cases, these assets need to be enhanced with a good search engine optimisation campaign, social media campaign and sometimes a touch of pay per click advertising.

    Why so many people turn to SEO

    SEO, or search engine optimization, is being widely used to get ahead on the net. More than just the process that gets a site noticed on Google, SEO can promote a website and a business generally across the net. Properly managed optimisation campaigns can also tighten up a website, improving the content and generally making the site more attractive.

    Building up local business

    With Liverpool at the heart of Merseyside’s business industries, companies all over the county have access to an enviable resource in terms of population. Turning locals into devoted customers is easier than it seems when using search engine optimisation techniques that focus on local results. If a business has local goals, it’s a good idea to talk with an SEO consultant about targeting Google local results.

    The advantages of a PPC campaign

    A well-planned optimisation campaign isn’t the only option Merseyside businesses have when it comes to internet marketing. To enhance an online campaign, companies can use pay per click advertising options, such as Google AdWords, to boost the amount of traffic coming to their site at any one time. PPC can be useful at the start of an online campaign, as it sends traffic to the right landing pages swiftly. This can have a knock-on effect with Google rankings, and thus get a website off to a great start.

    Pay per click can also be used to enhance the position of a site in the search engines, effectively giving a business a double presence once a search engine optimisation campaign succeeds.

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