Merry Christmas? Bah Humbug!

Merry Christmas? Bah Humbug!

ScroogeIt’s 7am, it’s Christmas morning, and I’m here in the office writing content for our special Christmas message to the nation. Why am I in the office at 7am on a Christmas morning? I’m here because it’s essential to keep your website filled with fresh, unique content, updated as often as possible – and because our boss, pictured right, insisted I do this.

He said something about Christmas being cancelled, humbugs and don’t switch the heating on, no matter how cold it gets.

Of course I am jesting, I’m not really sat in the office on Christmas morning and I’m not freezing (but that is our boss on the right). Just because it’s Christmas and everyone is, by this point, either excitedly opening presents or feeling the cold shiver of the comedown after opening presents, it doesn’t mean your website should be left out. As I mentioned, content is a vital part of SEO and you need to feed your website a healthy dose of content as often as possible, that’s why this one (in the best Blue Peter tone) is one we prepared earlier.

You see, adding fresh content to your website doesn’t have to be a daily chore, something that you need to find 20 minutes out of each and every day to do. No, you can instead schedule your content to go live over a period, safe in the knowledge that no matter where you are, what you are doing, your website is being well cared for with some lovely fresh, relevant content… even on this Christmas morning.

That’s the beauty of the Internet. Your website is working, even when you are not, so your SEO should be working too. It’s working for us, and all of our clients, over this festive period.

So, happy Christmas to everyone from all at StuckOn, and to the Google crawlers who have just stopped by to index us once again.

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