MeowChat rising rapidly in popularity

MeowChat rising rapidly in popularity

A new chat app has been released for the public to download and is set to rival some of the world’s biggest messenger-based services.

MeowChat is an instant messaging app that invites users to connect with random people from around the world, in private or group chat rooms. It was originally released last year, but has since been redeveloped by a team of New York-based developers and relaunched this month to include the random chat service.

As well as this feature, it supports both image and audio messaging, in a similar fashion to rival WhatsApp. Once the service has been downloaded, users can register using their Facebook credentials in order to create their profiles and invite friends to join.

The service has gathered momentum over the last few days, with many people receiving notifications to download the app from various social media platforms, including Facebook. As a result of its constant appearance on newsfeeds across the world, it has propelled to the top of the download charts and, at the time of writing, is the current most downloaded free app in many countries, including the UK, Australia and even smaller states such as Mauritania, Mongolia, and Macau.

However, its appearance in these newsfeeds has not been completely welcome. Many people have taken to social networking sites, including Twitter, to complain about the number of invitations that they have been receiving recently.

MeowChat has placed itself in direct competition with the likes of WhatsApp and other messaging services, like Telegram, to become one of the most popular chat platforms amongst smartphone users at the moment.

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