Men and women: just who uses social media?

    Posted on January 30, 2015


    New research has found that there are some distinct differences between the sexes when it comes to internet networking.

    While there are many different social sites online, the most successful ones have found a way to eke out a niche of their own. However, this means that any firm conducting internet marketing campaigns on the platforms will have to be careful, if it wants to target the right audience for its products or services.

    According to figures compiled by FinancesOnline.com, men and women are using social media in completely different ways. In general, males tend to utilise such sites to consume information and build up influence within their network. Meanwhile, females tend to use the platforms primarily for interaction, such as making connections and keeping in touch with their various social groups.

    With this being the case, any website marketing company that would like to target a specific audience, such as professional women or younger men, would also benefit from knowing a little more about the breakdown between platforms.

    For instance, overall more women use social media than men. While 74% of people who use the Internet are also on networking sites, this separates into 76% of women and 72% of men. Females were found to also use mobiles more to check out social news feeds.

    On Twitter, women also held sway, with over 40 million more females than males visiting the microblogging site each month. Women likewise outweighed men on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

    However, men were found to be more active on LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube, with 25% of males viewing at least one video daily, compared to 17% of females.

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