Media frenzy – next week’s must-do social media themes revealed!

Media frenzy – next week’s must-do social media themes revealed!

Next week seems to be one of mixed media as we dive into the printed word and the world of online video. Here are the three themes from our Social Media Marketing Calendar we think you shouldn’t miss during August 8th to 14th.

1. Book Lovers Day
When?: Tuesday, August 9th
What is it?: Simply a day to celebrate our love of books, whether printed or electronic
Perfect for: Writers, educators, libraries
How to mark it: If you’ve written a book or eBook, draw attention to it today and perhaps offer a discount on it to join in with the spirit of the day. Alternatively, let people know what your favourite or most inspiring book is, and invite recommendations from others as a likely way to drive engagement
Hashtag: #BookLoversDay

2. Vlogging Day
When?: Wednesday, August 10th
What is it?: Set up by Durham University’s video arts-focused Summer in the City festival to ensure a day dedicated to online video filming and sharing
Perfect for: Presenters, video editors
How to mark it: Do you film and share videos already? Simply share a link to your YouTube channel today to give everyone an instant pathway to your archive. If you’ve never tried it before, today is a great day to start vlogging, so use the hashtag to get your new efforts noticed.
Hashtag: #VloggingDay

3. Tattoo Removal Day
When?: Sunday, August 14th
What is it?: A day shamelessly founded by tattoo removal company Astanza Laser
Perfect for: Tattooists, anyone who corrects or reverses mistakes
How to mark it: While this day might seem too specific at first, consider that getting a tattoo removed can be a metaphor for regret. There are plenty of images online of terrible or misspelt tattoos, so share one asking people what their biggest regret is? Use the image to symbolise how you can repair serious mistakes. It’s a great one for copywriters and editors too, as what better example can you get of the importance of checking your work than a botched tattoo?
Hashtag: #TattooRemovalDay

Get the lowdown on trend-likely themes 365 days a year by downloading our Social Media Marketing Calendar, and say hello to us on our Elite Digital Marketing Community group on Facebook, where we discuss theme days and other dos and don’ts of marketing.

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