MC Hammer launches own search engine

MC Hammer launches own search engine

You may not have expected it of the man with the ‘Stop. Hammertime’ sign outside his house, but 80s rap star MC Hammer has launched his own search engine. Hammer announced his plans to launch his own search engine, WireDoo, at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco on October 19.

WireDoo will not be the first foray into the competitive world of the net for the rap star. An iPhone app allowed fans to keep in touch with the MC while on the go, while Hammer’s successful dance site, DanceJam.com, maximised on the star’s knowledge of the entertainment industry. Hammer has also been a big supporter of social media, being one of the early celebrity users of Twitter, telling Harvard Business School students in 2009 that building up social media assets was a focus for him.

The search engine is set to feature vertical results, rather than the broad-ranging general search results presented by Google and Bing. Hammer stated that the decision to go vertical came from a desire to provide more relationship-driven search results. While there are other vertical search engines around, deciding to take a different approach to the main search engines is probably also a tactical move.

Hammer cited Google Instant as an influence in deciding on his search focus.

Information isn’t available yet on the possible search engine optimisation implications of the new search engine, although it is unlikely that site owners focusing on local search in the Wirral will have to worry about WireDoo very soon.

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