Making the most of content with CSS

Making the most of content with CSS

What is CSS? The work of article writers and SEO copywriters is enhanced by CSS yet they may not know much about it. After all, their job is to create useful pieces of writing that will hopefully attract numerous website visitors and deliver relevant keywords to search engines, propelling sites to the top of the search results. The properties of CSS can actually make it more likely that their words are seen and appreciated by readers, and crawled by search robots.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and these files of code contain instructions concerning the styling of web pages. It is easy and fun to change the styles of pages instantly by selecting one of a range of CSS files. Previously, the HTML files for pages included all the styling information as well as everything else. Putting this information in separate CSS files means that HTML files are now a lot smaller and simpler than they would otherwise be, with benefits for SEO.

A small file is quicker to load, meaning visitors don’t have to wait, avoiding the risk that they will simply give up. This leads to more people entering a site, as well as giving search robots time to crawl the whole site before moving on. Some SEO experts maintain that there is an SEO advantage for pages with a high proportion of text relative to the amount of HTML code, and as using CSS removes a lot of code from HTML files, this could help to boost a website’s position in search results.

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