Making colours count

Making colours count

Colours are an important part of any web design project, and getting the right combination can be a difficult task. Often, the client can visualise the colour in their heads, but translating that to any usable information for a designer can be difficult. It will often end with such conversations as:

– “Like navy blue, but not that navy blue, a greener blue”

– “So … Teal? Or aquamarine?”

– “No no, more of a yellow bluey green”

This can go on ad infinitum and lead to a frustrated client and designer as they struggle to find that specific shade.

Here at Engage Web, we’ve created a Colour Picker to address this problem. Using this, the client can either use the colour wheel to select that perfect shade, or they can search using key words through a selection of predefined colours. Once they have created their “palette”, they can have it exported into text that a designer will understand, including the name of the colour as well as the hex code. This will help improve the communication between client and designer and also allow the client to preview how those colours will look together before they make a final decision.

Of course, there will always be amendments the designer can make if they feel the colours do not mix well, giving feedback and offering their advice to the client on a suitable palette based on the colours chosen. Hopefully, this will save designers from conversations involving such colour descriptions as “that reddy kind of yellow colour that’s not orange but darker, with some lilac in it”.

Steven is Engage Web’s go-to man for all things web-related, bringing his knowledge of current trends in web design and development to the team.
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