Make a list and check it twice

Make a list and check it twice

What’s the most effective form of content for link bait? It’s a question that many SEOs are often asked and not everyone seems to know the answer. It’s actually quite simple, lists.

Everyone loves lists. We all understand the structure of a list, the purpose behind it, and how to read it. We start on point number one and end at, well, the end of the list. Lists can be ‘how to’ guides, ‘how not to’ guides, they can be great examples of something, bad examples, ideas, humorous, serious, whatever. The fact is that everyone enjoys reading a list; it’s why those cheap TV programs that show the greatest children’s TV moments or the best 80’s TV moments are always so popular. We like to watch them and count down the list, wondering if we can guess what’s coming next.

There is a golden rule with lists though. You need to keep them short. Internet readers have a short attention span and lists with more than 10 items will be wasted. In fact, the ideal number for an Internet list is 7 items.

So when you want to write great link bait, make a list and check it twice. You may be surprised how popular it becomes.

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