M C Hammer challenges Google with a new search engine

M C Hammer challenges Google with a new search engine

The former rap star, M C Hammer announced the launch of his own search engine at a conference in San Francisco this week. WireDoo even has its own slogan

“search once and see what’s related.”

Although the singer is famous for his large harem style trousers and song “Can’t Touch This”, he has taken part in a few ventures in the world of high-tech in recent years.

While at the Web 2.0 conference held in San Francisco, Hammer announced the launch of his search engine which is still in the early stages of rigorous testing at present. According to Hammer, he isn’t trying to recreate the search engine, but will improve it. While informing the audience that they were trying to improve data availability, Hammer spotted the co-founder of Google, Sergei Brin at the back of the audience. He said:

“We were working on what we could do with data to make it better. I’ll be careful when I say that-I just saw Sergei in the back.”

WireDoo is based on the idea that search isn’t all about just one keyword, but is based on relationships. For instance, carrying out a search for a car is looking for models which are related, insurance, prices, models, mileage and which dealerships are situated in your local area. Google is a ‘linear’ search, which provides instant results based on one keyword, so the results you are looking for may be under other irrelevant results.

The introduction of another hugely successful search engine could make some SEO jobs much harder. However, until the new search engine is released, Google remains an integral part of any SEO campaign.

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