Low page traffic ≠ low-quality pages

Low page traffic ≠ low-quality pages

In a recent Google SEO office-hours session, Search Advocate John Mueller explained that if your website has a page that gets little traffic, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the content is low-quality or irrelevant to your target audience.

In search engine optimisation (SEO), many people discuss site quality, but Mueller confirmed that Google doesn’t have a “quality score” as such for organic search, and that this is commonly confused with the quality score in Google Ads.

On some websites, pages that get little traffic may be more niche and targeted to a small audience. This would be the reason for the page getting low traffic, as some website visitors may find the homepage more useful than other pages.

How to identify and deal with quality issues

If you think that a page isn’t getting the traffic and think that it could be due to the quality of the content on the page, one option for you would be to hire a professional to look at your website’s content to see if it could be improved or rewritten, or optimised to suit what your clients are searching for.

There are multiple ways to deal with pages that have low traffic and low search visibility. Mueller recommend combining low-traffic pages that are relevant to each other would be a good way to increase the number of website visitors reading the content.

If you decide the content is not relevant or could be improved, two good options are to either delete the page and redirect to a page with a similar topic, or to completely rewrite the content to make it more tailored to your target market.

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