Losing work opportunities as a result of poor grammar

Losing work opportunities as a result of poor grammar

Doctor Olga Kampaxi, director of human resources for Rotana hotels, recently collected Curriculum Vitaes at a career fair in Abu Dhabi. The CVs made an instant impression as a result of the typos, grammatical and spelling errors. Among the errors was incorrect information about the job applicant and chunks of text that appeared to have been copied and pasted from other documents. The errors may seem minor in many cases, but a prospective employer is likely to view them critically.

Increasingly, companies use software designed to sort through the many job applications they receive. The software picks out relevant keywords in a CV which will increase the chances of being selected for a particular position. For instance, phrases such as ‘crisis management’ or ‘performance optimisation’ may be picked up by the software. It is essential to use the same phrases during your interview, using examples to emphasise your experience. Being specific when describing your expertise rather than generic will increase the chances of your application being selected.

The errors in many CVs are often due to other people completing the forms on your behalf. Although this is acceptable practice, it is advisable that you employ a professional company with excellent grammatical skills, or proof read the document yourself before submission.

Creating content for a business website can have similar scenarios, where poor spelling and grammatical errors can ruin a reputation. The use of relevant keywords while providing accurate and original content is essential. Article writing which is outsourced to a reputable company with professional writers will ensure that you have grammatically correct, error free content that will impress.

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