Losing sales? Check your front door

Losing sales? Check your front door

When a retailer experiences a sudden drop in sales, the store window is probably one of the first places they’ll check. Or rather, they’ll review any advertising they’ve been putting out, look at the way the market behaved at the same time last year, check that staff are behaving themselves, and then finally think about the way the store looks. It’s at this point they’ll walk outside, look back in, and realise there’s a fairly atrocious pair of brown tartan flares on their central mannequin.

The same thing can happen with online business. Luckily for online business owners, landing pages are likely to be one of the first places checked by their search engine optimisation or internet marketing company in case of problems.

SEO is very handy for checking on the source of these kinds of problems. When you’ve got your search engine position under control, or at least more under control than previously, you can determine what is really going wrong with your site. Landing page optimisation does the equivalent of spotting when you’ve got a Manchester United jersey in your Liverpool shopfront.

*Check that your page follows up on your promise. A big bounce rate could be caused by a bad description tag.

*Highlight conversion path entrances. If you’re not bouncing traffic, you’re misdirecting it within the site. Flagging your conversion path more strongly can help.

*When in doubt, check with customers. Market research on the net can be as simple as asking ‘what do you think of page X’ on Twitter.

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