Local SEO? You need more Chinese takeaway

Posted on June 14, 2011


Just as with any other industry, many a hard night of SEO has been assisted by the addition of a little Chinese takeaway. It will not come as a surprise though, that the delivery of a few cartons – full of rice and sundry other items is not the main topic of this article. Chinese takeaway can really teach you a lot about how to operate a local SEO campaign.

Consider this. Your local Wirral Chinese is sure to generate an astounding amount of publicity for very little effort. This is because takeaway restaurants are adept at making use of local channels. A lot of these channels exist on the net and should be used in SEO.

*Coverage of directories. You’ll find your local Chinese takeaway in just about any directory you can find. Why? Because they want your business, and want to ensure that you can find their number no matter where you look. This should be your attitude for local search engine optimisation.

*Word of mouth. Local SEO thrives when internet users chat. Encourage your site users to promote you with reviews, requests, rewards, and a strong social campaign. This kind of personal interaction can bring in more business than a search marketing ad.

*Speedy service. Any takeaway restaurant that fails to deliver food swiftly is unlikely to succeed as a local business. Likewise, any site that fails to download, return pages or open forms quickly is going to lose traffic. When covering local SEO angles, be sure to take care of these main SEO jobs as well.

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