Local SEO shouldn’t reject the traditional

Local SEO shouldn’t reject the traditional

Local search engine optimisation is an interesting sub-field of SEO. On the one hand, sites with a local angle are well served by pursuing the latest in SEO trends, such as review sites and participating in the social media. On the other hand, there’s still nothing better for a local business than a listing in a local directory.

A number of SEO commentators have declared concepts such as Yellow Pages a thing of the past. As internet users rely more and more on search engines for basic business information, traditional directories just haven’t been keeping up. For bigger or online businesses, a concentration on the search engine results may be the answer. For smaller businesses with a locality to think about, though, the older forms of marketing still have a lot of merit.

Think about your own local behaviour. When you need a plumber for your Merseyside home, do you trust Google to give you a quick result? When looking for used book shops in the Wirral, do you rely on Bing to give you the best list? Of course not.

Letting local directories play a part in your marketing plan is a basic move for local search engine optimisation, as well. A well-thought-out ad in a traditional directory can draw links as well as providing one.

When thinking about the angles to take to reach your local market, it pays not to discount some of the traditional moves. As many local SEO campaigns have shown, traditional avenues can get locals the edge over bigger competitors.

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