Listen to your inner Mr Mackey for ethical SEO

Listen to your inner Mr Mackey for ethical SEO

I don’t know about you, but every time I think of boring rules I think of South Park’s Mr Mackey character. The South Park Elementary School counsellor, Mr Mackey constantly reminds his pupils of the many things in life that one should avoid because they’re ‘bad, m’kay?’

There are a lot of rules in life that are quite reasonable, but so obvious and boring that you hate being reminded of them. Quite a few of these come up with SEO. When they do, it’s important to listen to your inner Mr Mackey:

1. Don’t steal content, m’kay? Original content is good. Re-used content is bad. Google is really cracking down on recycled, scraped or otherwise reused content this year, and having some on your pages could affect your whole site. Smart site owners will have an original content plan in play in their SEO.

2. Avoid paid links, m’kay? Another thing Google is cracking down on is paid links. Sites who rely on these for PageRank are beginning to really suffer.

3. Stick with quality. Quality is good, m’kay? Google seems to be focussing on the depth as well as originality of content. This means a ‘Top restaurants of Liverpool’ article possibly won’t rank as highly as an original interview with a Liverpool-based chef.

These rules may be old, and anyone involved in SEO careers has heard – and said – them a thousand times. There’s a reason for this. Follow the rules, and your SEO has a good chance to work. M’kay?

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