Liquipel launches protective mobile device ‘Skin’

Liquipel launches protective mobile device ‘Skin’

A tech firm in the U.S. has created an unobtrusive smartphone coating that could make devices impervious to everyday wear and tear.

Nanotechnology specialist Liquipel claims that the case will protect handsets from being damaged and screens from cracking when a device is dropped.

Resembling a clear sheet of plastic, the shock absorber Skin disseminates the force of the impact to protect the device.

The product demonstrated various feats of resilience at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas this week – including being hit with a metal ball.

American pop sensation Pharrell Williams was at the event to promote Liquipel’s products, admitting that he has experienced the annoyance of a damaged smartphone in the past.

As the majority of users will no doubt be aware, a cracked screen can make scrolling through social sites and accessing the content of news suppliers a chore. Additionally, fixing it yourself can entail the laborious task of ordering spare parts and trawling through online forums for DIY advice, while paying professionals to do it for you can prove costly.

Liquipel has previously developed a waterproof version of its protective case, and several retailers and manufacturers in the U.S. and elsewhere are now selling devices that come with its water resistant coating already in place.

As part of its internet marketing strategy for the Skin, Liquipel has a series of videos on its YouTube channel that offer demonstrations of its products in action, as well as providing installation advice for consumers.

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