LinkedIn update sees introduction of three new features

LinkedIn update sees introduction of three new features

Last week, business connection site LinkedIn announced that it was going to be introducing three new features to the platform, with these being designed to encourage more community engagement and allow users to establish a stronger relationship with followers.

The announcement was made on Wednesday last week, with the company informing users of the changes through its Marketing Solutions Blog. In the post, LinkedIn explained that over 50 million businesses and organisations from across the world were now using the platform to connect with their employees, clients and customers, and other prospects.

As the site has so many users, it aims to roll out updates on a regular basis to keep it fresh, up to date and in line with what users want. These updates are usually implemented on a quarterly basis. For this quarter’s update, the company has introduced three new features – invite to follow, new posting settings and the integration of LinkedIn Live.

Invite to follow has been created to help business pages grow their following. As part of this, LinkedIn will be giving page managers the capability of inviting their first degree connections to like their page. However, individual users will be given the power to opt out of receiving these invites should they not want them.

The next feature involves a change to the posting settings. The company has incorporated a new toggle button on the home page that will let users switch between posting their content either as themselves or as the organisation. Beforehand, users would have had to go to their organisation page to post content as their page. Now, all content and posts can be published from the same location.

Finally, the final new feature is LinkedIn Live. Each LinkedIn page will now be able to broadcast a live stream. This was previously only available for personal profiles. LinkedIn states that live streams on the site generate seven times more reactions and 24 times more comments in comparison to standard videos. Page admins are now able to apply for access to this latest feature on the LinkedIn Live site.

LinkedIn has given a brief overview of each of the new features in this video:

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