LinkedIn survey reveals users’ pet peeves

LinkedIn survey reveals users’ pet peeves

Social Media Today recently conducted a survey among its LinkedIn followers to find out what really annoys people when using the platform.

The survey found that the single thing most LinkedIn users find irritating is people sending unwanted and unsolicited messages through the platform. The survey had more than 5,000 responses and was posted on both the Social Media Today LinkedIn page and LinkedIn group, both surveys found that ‘Unwanted messages’ were the most irksome thing about LinkedIn.

In particular, respondents expressed their annoyance about direct messages (DMs) being used for unsolicited product pitches and sales messages, unwanted messages from people looking to use LinkedIn as a dating app, and people who message them straight after forming a connection on LinkedIn to immediately try to sell their product or service.

If you are continuing to get messages from people who you are not connected with, they may have LinkedIn Premium, which enables users to message anyone even though they are not connected with them. However, the setting can be easily updated stop people from sending you unsolicited sales messages.

The setting you need can be found at ‘Settings and Privacy > Communications > Who can reach you’ and then select the toggle underneath ‘Allow others to send you InMail?’ to ‘No’. You should then stop receiving these messages.

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