LinkedIn releases new mute and unfollow features

LinkedIn releases new mute and unfollow features

Professional networking platform LinkedIn recently added a crop of new features regarding post visibility, including the option to mute certain users and stop their posts appearing in your newsfeed.

According to Social Media Today, LinkedIn said the following about the new feature:

“A new option we just rolled out in this section lets you mute an individual or Page who might show up on your feed because a connection of yours commented, reacted, or reshared that individual’s content.”

As highlighted in LinkedIn’s comment, you cannot mute someone you’re connected with or you follow – only someone that one of your connections has engaged with. This new feature is useful as it allows LinkedIn users to declutter and tailor their newsfeed to show more relevant content, and means they don’t have to see posts from those they aren’t connected with if they don’t want to.

How to mute someone

1. First, you must come across a post from the person or company you wish to mute in your newsfeed
2. Select the three dots that appear in the top right-hand corner of the post
3. You will now have a series of options, including saving the post, sharing it and reporting it – select the ‘Mute [Name]’ option

And that’s it! You’ve now muted the creator of the original post, and will no longer see their posts in your feed. Also, don’t worry – users won’t be notified that you’ve muted them.

For those people with whom you’re connected with and want to stay connected, but no longer wish to see their posts in your newsfeed, there’s also the option to unfollow users – simply use the same process as muting someone, but select the ‘Unfollow [name]’ option instead.

LinkedIn is a great online platform for networking, and many of our team here at Engage Web make use of it. If you would like to chat about how to grow your business’ presence online, give us a call today.

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