LinkedIn announces new advertising tool

LinkedIn announces new advertising tool

LinkedIn has recently announced a new feature that allows businesses and advertisers to boost any high-performing organic posts to increase their reach and overall engagement on the social networking platform.

The latest feature, known as “Boost”, increases the reach of brands’ posts through a paid ad account that’s connected to their company profile page, making boosting a one-time product release or experience simple, without the hassle of understanding new marketing tools.

The paid ads option is available through a “Boost” button on companies’ posts, allowing them to choose an objective for their boost – whether it’s website visits, engagement or brand awareness. Companies can additionally select a targeting strategy for their post’s audience, selecting whether it’ll be profile based, interest based or use a template with pre-set targeting options. There will also be options for location, budget and any exclusions that may be required.

LinkedIn has provided users with a ‘Best Practices Guide’ on the new boosting opportunity, which gives a more detailed description on the benefits, objectives and guidelines of using the feature.

The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog explained the reasoning behind the launch, saying it will help:

“You seamlessly reach more of your target audience and grow your brand community all while measuring impact each step of the way.”

Alongside this advertising announcement, LinkedIn also released mobile page analytics and custom streaming integrations that aim to enhance the platform’s usability via access to content insights and follower metrics. Custom streaming features give people options to stream live with LinkedIn Live via OBS or Zoom.

LinkedIn is a great platform to keep customers and followers updated with insights and opportunities by building and engaging with your professional network, and the new Boost feature may increase your content engagement and overall audience reach by driving traffic towards your website. If you want to learn more about social networking and building a presence online, contact a member of the Engage Web team today.

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