Linkbait techniques that work

Linkbait techniques that work

Links are essential for a successful search engine optimisation campaign. Companies drive themselves crazy trying to think of ways to forge new relationships and get their website as many quality inbound links for SEO purposes as they can. The absolute best way to get a high number of links at once is to create quality link bait.

Linkbait requires a fresh angle on something interesting to be successful. You can discuss your linking campaign with us at Stuck On. Sometimes it might be a new concept that no-one in your industry has thought of before. It might just involve filling a gap in user needs. The link bait most likely to net you links, however, needs to have a uniquely creative angle.

All it takes is a little creativity

Some of the best linkbait is something that comes from the side, from left field (so to speak). Most businesses concentrate on their industry when trying to attract attention, like a health product site creating an online ezine to attract customers. If you’re up against stiff competition, however, then a little creative thinking might be of more benefit. A creative concept could be what gets you attention, even when your site, product or service isn’t that different.

The latest Apple series of advertisements is a great example of this kind of creative thinking. Apple has always tried to manoeuvre around the issue of ‘PC versus Mac’, as confronting it head on would be of little benefit. Instead, the company transferred the argument to another plane, characterising the two versions of computers as a cheerful, hip friend and a dumpy little nerd. The company turned the issue into a sitcom.

The concept you come up with doesn’t have to be intricately related to the real issues. There are plenty of examples of companies approaching their competition or other issues from a side angle.

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