Link building farms causing trouble

    Posted on March 7, 2012


    Link building is an important part of any business’s search engine optimisation campaign but some online business owners are still going to link building farms in order to get the job done. Promises of thousands of links to your website in seconds can sound appealing but it should be known that links of this kind could very well destroy your chances of ever being ranked highly in the search results.

    Your link building efforts should result in the development of high quality and relevant links to your web pages. These links should be from other respectable companies that are relevant to your business in some way. It is links like this that the search engine web crawlers will follow and that will gain you the interest of the search engines.

    However, the links created using link building packages are from low quality and irrelevant sites. For example, if you have a business selling flowers based in Liverpool, thousands of links from irrelevant websites on the other side of the world are not going to help your business to improve its rankings. Instead, it is going to make the search engines question your suitability for the search results they provide.

    You have to use ethical and high quality link building techniques as part of your search engine optimisation campaign if you want your links to make a positive difference to your performance. Don’t be duped by link building farms and instead work with those in respectable SEO jobs who can help you with your link building campaign.

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