Lessons website owners can learn from the e-book revolution

Posted on May 1, 2012


Over the last few years, e-books have gained an increasingly large share of the book market. Readers are attracted to the easy availability of e-books, as well as the many bargains to be found online and there have been success stories of previously-unknown authors finding fame by self-publishing. One recent example is the writer EL James, who has become a best-selling author and has now been picked up by a mainstream publisher.

Writing for a website is another type of self-publishing and, as in the e-book world, website owners and bloggers can take heart from the many examples of websites that have become household names. The renewed popularity of self-publishing means that anyone can have a go at writing for an audience and businesses in all fields are enjoying the low-cost, high-profile success that a popular blog or site can bring.

However, e-books authors are often criticised for their sub-standard writing. There’s often a backlash for successful self-publishers, including poor reviews and readers using online forums to discuss their disappointment with e-books. Even the classics often suffer when converted into e-book form, as spelling and grammatical errors are rife.

Freelance copywriters are used by many website owners to try to get around the problems associated with self-publishing. It’s important for sites to offer high-quality writing as well as popular ideas in order to retain readers and build the right sort of reputation online. By getting in professional writers, site owners can avoid problems such as the loss of authority that can result from bad writing.

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