Latest Google acquisition to automate Circles

Latest Google acquisition to automate Circles

Katango is the latest in a long line of Google acquisitions this year, totalling £1.4 billion. The search engine giant has purchased almost 60 companies in 2011 so far. The latest addition is expected to automate the process of populating Google+ Circles. Although Google+ has more than 40 million members, Google constantly strives to improve the user experience, just as it makes changes to its search engine.

Circles enables users to follow whoever they choose on the network, creating groups of users according to their own specific criteria. Although Google staff have been vague concerning the role of Katango, it is believed that the new acquisition will automate the process of creating groups. The software will detect users who attended the same school, or are members of the same family and place them in the same circle.

Katango was initially launched in the summer 2010, as an application for iPhones. It looked at the profiles of users along with their interaction with friends, both past and present to organise Facebook friends. At the time of its original launch, the software wasn’t compatible with Google+, so modification will be necessary. Google has also acquired Fridge, which was purchased in July this year to provide a boost for Google+. The software makes it possible for users of social networks to create private groups.

Google constantly strives for perfection of its search engine and social network, making it necessary for a business search engine optimisation campaign to be constantly improved.

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