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    It can be incredibly frustrating to invest in a fantastic new website, only to experience a distinct lack of traffic and no boost in customers or sales. For business owners who would like to avoid that fate, and who are looking for web design in Lancashire, the answer could be here, at Engage Web, where we have spent a lot of time looking into such matters. Our years of experience, along with our expert staff, can help businesses ensure that their websites work well, increasing their success online. We recognise that, as well as top quality web design, factors such as search engine optimisation play a huge part in making sure a website attracts visitors. Social media is another area we have experience in, and which can also raise the profile of a website.

    Choose a functional and aesthetic design

    The structure of a site will, naturally, always be of primary importance, because visitors will be unable to use any website in which it is impossible to move around and find the information that they seek. However, once a suitable navigation and structure have been settled upon, it still matters whether the site itself has an appealing look. This is because, when visitors arriving at a site find it attractive, they respond emotionally and begin to relax; in tests, users typically report that they find an attractive site easier to use. When choosing a provider of web design in Lancashire, it is important to find a company that can produce websites that delight the eye while also having sound underlying structures. There is also another critical factor to bear in mind, and that is known as responsive web design.

    The advantages of a responsive design

    Responsive web design is a type of web design that has grown up around the ever-increasing range of devices used to access the internet. The problem of the same website being viewed on the small, vertically-oriented screen of a phone, compared with the large horizontally-oriented expanse of a desktop computer, was one that had to be solved. Responsive web design, which seems to be the answer, involves websites adjusting according to the device on which they are viewed. Information such as the screen size, browser and operating system of a device is noted; the responsive website then adjusts factors such as the page layout and image sizes in order to come up with the best possible display for that machine.

    Here at Engage Web, we can offer businesses excellent quality responsive web design in Lancashire, together with other services if needed. We find that many businesses feel they need some help to make sure their websites are placed high enough in search listings for people to find them. They may also want some social media advice to ensure they make the most of their online presence. Once everything is in place, it may be necessary to tweak things every now and again in order to remain successful, and we can manage that as well. For web design in Lancashire, together with a whole package of internet marketing strategies if required, call us now.

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