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    How do Lancastrian businesses ensure the best marketing coverage? Once upon a time, marketing coverage could be achieved through press advertising and leafleting. Today, the only real way to ensure that everyone hears about a business is through internet marketing.

    Finding the right internet marketing plan

    There are many elements that go into internet marketing, and it’s vital that business owners pick the right ones for their company. Before they can pick, they need to know what the options are.

    Generally, the place to start is search engine optimisation. SEO helps a business climb the ladder of search engine results, making its website more visible. Good web design is essential for SEO, and most companies also invest in content to make sure their site stands up to search engine scrutiny.

    Pay per click advertising, or PPC, is good support for search engine optimization, and many companies choose to use PPC on its own when they feel confident of their site’s standing. Other options include social media marketing, which takes advantage of customers’ sociability, general net advertising and content marketing.

    A local Lancashire focus – or a broader focus?

    While Lancashire has a strong industrial history, since its industrial boom in the 19th Century the county has expanded well beyond manufacturing and traditional industries. This means all kinds of businesses are competing for space in the minds of local customers. For Lancashire businesses, it can be a good idea to add a local strand to an internet marketing bow.

    Local search engine optimization can be a good solution for this. This strand of optimisation targets local and geographic terms, building reputation within local directories and similar sites to give a site local credibility. This means a company will be the first to appear when a customer searches using Lancashire keywords.

    Making a return on marketing investments

    Each internet marketing campaign is different. The outcome shouldn’t be top place in Google’s listings or a video going viral, but rather the best coverage possible for the investment. To ensure that this occurs, the end goal should always connect back to a business’ goals.

    This kind of return on investment only comes about when business goals are at the heart of the planning process. Many businesses, for example, allow themselves to get carried away with the idea of ranking number one in Google for their key industry term. When we stop and think about what this actually achieves in terms of sales, though, this result is less impressive.

    An ideal internet marketing campaign needs to address a company’s specific goals. If a business wants to become known as the most important company in its industry, top ranks may well be its aim. If companies want to have more local customers subscribe to their e-newsletter, a different approach will be needed, with a different set of keywords and strategies.

    From the county top of Green Hill to where the River Wyre meets the Irish Sea, Lancashire businesses do best when they’ve got the right internet marketing on board. Business owners can talk to us at Engage Web about their options today.

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