Lack of computer skills could affect future for SEO

Lack of computer skills could affect future for SEO

Recent research from the Prince’s Trust has indicated that the current level of computer skills is in danger of affecting the future for many young people in the country.

The charity found that over ten percent of young people feel they do not have job-ready computer skills.

Quizzing nearly 1,400 British 15-to-25-year olds, the survey included 265 people not in education, employment or training. One in ten of these so-called ‘Neets’, said they were unable to send their CV online and embarrassed by the level of their computer literacy.

Whilst it is likely that most people attracted to search engine optimisation will have good computer skills, the news could be damaging to targeting certain areas of society.

Timed to coincide with the launch of the Prince’s Trust scheme to increase participation in science and technology courses at school, the research could act as a driving force to upskill a generation.

The chief executive of the charity, Martina Millburn, said:

“We work with the hardest-to-reach pupils, who may not have access to a computer at home, and often don’t have basic IT skills.”

If successful, the scheme, which is being part-funded by a donation from pop star Will.i.am, a whole new generation of people interested in SEO careers could be uncovered.

The star of BBC show The Voice, said recently:

“I’m taking a computer science course, because I’m passionate about where the world’s going, curious about it and I want to contribute.”

As tailored use of the internet is a trend for the future, the scheme being run in association with The Science Museum could create a huge boost to how society contributes to online content.

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