Keywords or content: which matters more for SEO?

Keywords or content: which matters more for SEO?

Keywords always crop up when people discuss websites and their success, or otherwise. Although it has become apparent that cramming too many keywords into content is a mistake, which is penalised by search engines, there is still a lot of importance placed on inserting the right phrases into web pages. While people worry that their websites have to be optimised for SEO and that keywords will make all the difference, a newer approach is more concerned with the content itself.

If content addresses the topics readers are searching for, and if it meets their needs, providing the desired information in a way that is pleasurable to read, then that provides an advantage in terms of SEO. Naturally, for a page to be found, some of the words used in the content will have to be those which people might use when searching, but rather than being words which are obvious, and perhaps used by many other sites, they could be what are known as ‘long tail keywords’. These are not the phrases that everyone searches for repeatedly, but they are snippets that form part of the general pattern of searches for a topic, and they might more naturally drop into the flow of content where the emphasis is on the reader’s experience.

If an organisation has taken the trouble to employ professional content writers or article writers to produce something truly engaging, it is likely that visitors will return and traffic increase, and this is, most of all, what is needed for SEO.

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