Keeping article writing in-house

Keeping article writing in-house

Many companies now realise that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plays a valuable role in building a business online and the role of the regular submission of original articles has been highlighted by many. Such articles have to be well written, be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors to avoid looking amateurish or off-putting. It is tempting for a business to attempt  article writing and article submission themselves to avoid extra financial outlay, but this can be a huge mistake.

A company has many obligations to fulfil before writing any articles for the business. Most duties involved in the daily management of a business are compulsory and can’t be left until another day. In this case the article writing tends to be left until there is more time, which there will rarely be. The manual submission of articles or regular posting of blogs should also be done frequently to build one way links and the volume of traffic. This all takes time, which most companies just don’t have.

If you decide to write articles yourself, it is advisable to spend time proof reading your work, and then ask someone else to check the article, as it is easy to make spelling errors and not notice them yourself. Articles suffering from poor grammar and mistakes will give the impression of being unprofessional, leaving users wondering if this quality applies to your products or services.

A professional SEO writer will have the knowledge and time to write articles that are informative, interesting and accurate and reflect well upon your company as well as being written with SEO in mind. A reputable article writing service will have writers with knowledge in a wide variety of topics and English as their first language.

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