Justin Timberlake wins role in Facebook The Movie

Justin Timberlake wins role in Facebook The Movie

In a news story that seems to weird to be true, singer, songwriter and Michael Jackson dance impersonator Justin Timberlake is set to star in the upcoming Facebook movie.

The news has emerged from Variety, a movie trade paper, which reports that Justin will play the role of Sean Parker, the founding president of Facebook. Timberlake is known for his singing, dancing and removing of his shirt, but are his acting skills up to scratch? As the film is being directed by David Fincher, of ‘Fight Club’ and ‘Se7en’ fame, you can be sure that this will be an ‘acting’ movie, so Justin will need to get some practice in.

Timberlake has appeared in films before, starring in The Open Road, but hasn’t been in anything with as much kudos and publicity as the Facebook project.

Filming on the Facebook movie begins next month and is located in Boston. The film will chart the conception and rise of Facebook from its days as a website project for students in Harvard University.

Jesse Eisenberg is on board as Mark Zuckerberg, the richest self made teenager in world, and creator of Facebook.

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