iTunes celebrates 10th birthday

iTunes celebrates 10th birthday

Apple’s iTunes software celebrated its 10th anniversary recently, with news feeds eager to press home features and reports on the success of the venture.

Since launching in the US in 2003, the popular online music store has gone from strength to strength.

Unsurprisingly, every move it makes receives great attention from music and tech commentators, with the most notable story since its birth being the deal which saw the Beatles back catalogue put online

It has been an amazing rise, though. From its launch which saw sales of 10 million songs in the first few months, it has overseen the purchase of over 25 billion tracks.

The store has progressed to selling films and TV shows too, whilst there is also an iBooks store, which has already seen more than 100 billion tomes sold in just three years of operation.

However, many digital industry experts feel the success could be waning, and not just as a result of rivals and their new approaches. Design consultancy Fjord’s John Oswald said:

“Individuals are increasingly consuming media across the web. 10 years ago, Apple knew what consumers wanted, before they wanted it – but perhaps it’s the consumers who will dictate what comes next.”

Much the same can be said of websites hosting tailored news feeds. With such a plethora of ways to stay up to date these days, it is those feeds delivering relevant industry news first, fast and most accurately that will most be interacted with.

Outsourcing the provision of news content to specialised teams is, therefore, unsurprisingly seen as a benefit to many firms no matter the industry.

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