It’s not just content, it’s quality content that counts

Posted on May 20, 2008


When considering what content to add to your website, it isn’t just a matter of any content will do. While yes, Google likes to see that a website is updated on a daily basis and that it has new pages and information added frequently; the quality of the content is paramount.

Therefore outsourcing to the cheapest supplier or having one of your own staff writing on your website isn’t necessarily the best way to go about it.

For example, bad grammar, poor spelling and nonsensical sentence structure will not lead visitors to return to your website. It will not make your website sticky.

The content you add has to be suitable to portray your company image and not let you down personally. The content, if added correctly, will show up in Google for various long tail searches and will invariably act as a landing page for your visitors. If their first impression of your website is a badly written page of content they’ll leave straight away. Your bounce rate will be high, your conversions will be low and return on investment will be non-existent.

So remember when deciding where to get your content from, or who you want to write it for you; price may be a factor, but compromising on price shouldn’t mean you also compromise on quality.

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